Welder Cable

The product implementation standard is GB/T5013-GB/T2008 "Rated Voltage 450/750V and Below Rubber Insulated Cable"


Welder Cable




Electric welding machine cable is aliased as welding handle wire, which belongs to eraser insulated wire category. The product implementation standard is GB/T5013-GB/T2008 "Rated Voltage 450/750V and Below Rubber Insulated Cable", including two types and specifications: YH (high toughness Rubber-sheathed welding machine cable) and YHF (chloroprene or other very elastomeric material rubber-sheathed welding machine cable) are cables used for the secondary side wiring of DC welding machines and connecting welding tongs and DC welding machines. Its characteristics are: High current and low voltage.

1. The specifications of common welding machine cables are 16 square meters, 25 square meters, 35 square meters, 50 square meters, 70 square meters, 95 square meters, 120 square meters, etc.

Second, many characteristics of electric welding machine cable:

(1) The YH cable should work under the premise of low voltage (voltage of 200V) and high current, and it is required to have a certain amount of patience.

(2) The long-term allowable operating temperature of the welding wire and cable should not exceed 65 °C.

(3) The motor wiring cable is often moved, twisted and released, and is required to be soft and has good bending performance.

(4) It is easy to be scratched and rubbed by sharp steel parts during the release, so it is stipulated that the physical properties of the cable such as insulation and tear resistance are good.

(5) The standard of use scene is complicated, such as sun exposure, boiling water, touching sludge, automobile oil, strong acid and alkali liquid, etc., it needs to have certain weather resistance and water washing resistance.

(6) Occasionally, hot welded parts are encountered, and the specified deformability is good.

(7) It is often moved and needs to be small in diameter and light in weight. Because the electrical performance requirements of such cables are not high, and the standards for use scenarios are complex, it is not suitable for the structure type to meet various intricate environmental elements. During use, pay attention to improving the conditions of use to avoid external damage.

3. Application and maintenance of electric welding machine cable

1. This equipment is non-maintenance type, and its various maintenance features are required by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted casually. If there is any abnormality, contact the manufacturer;

2. If the arc welding machine is air-cooled and the main circuit has an AC contactor, the centrifugal fan and the contactor coil switching power supply should be connected to the input switching power supply end of the equipment;

3. Observe and check the status of the display light of the protection device each time it is used. The green light is the indication of the switching power supply, and the signal light is the indication of the working voltage. The normal state is: the signal light is illuminated when it is not welded, and it is extinguished when it is welded. When the signal light goes out during electric welding, it means that the protection device has lost its maintenance effect and should be stopped immediately.

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