BTLY Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable

It is composed of copper core, mineral insulating material, copper and other metal sheaths. At present, it can be divided into rigid and flexible according to the structure.


Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable



BTLY product overview

Type: Flexible Mineral Cable

Model: BTLY

Standard: Enterprise Standard

Color: Orange (Outer Sheath); Silver (Aluminum Sheath)

Structure: On the basis of traditional refractory cables, fillers are added, such as magnesium hydroxide, fire-proof mud, white lime powder, ceramicized silicone rubber, etc. Referring to the bending radius of ordinary power cables, the bending radius is 15-20D, and metal sheaths and fillers are added. The rear actual bending radius is larger and the weight is heavier.

Features: good flexibility: the conductor is made of multiple copper wires twisted, and the copper sheath is made of corrugated copper tube structure, which has good flexibility; completely fireproof performance: the melting point of magnesium hydroxide can reach 2800 ℃; large current-carrying and overload capacity: The long-term working temperature can reach 250 °C, and the overload temperature in a short time or abnormal period is close to the melting point of copper at 1083 °C; strong anti-corrosion and explosion-proof ability: corrugated aluminum tube has quite good mechanical strength, compressive, tensile, anti-corrosion, and explosion-proof performance; environmental protection , Long service life: Inorganic materials are green and environmentally friendly, and the service life can reach more than 3 times that of ordinary cables.

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