YTTW Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable

It is composed of copper core, mineral insulating material, copper and other metal sheaths. At present, it can be divided into rigid and flexible according to the structure.


Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable



YTTW flexible cable product overview

Type: YTTW flexible cable

Model: YTTW

Standard: Industry Standard

Color: Yellow (Copper Sheath); Black (Outer Sheath)

Structure: copper conductor, mica tape, glass fiber, embossed copper sheath, low-smoke halogen-free outer sheath, cable bending radius is 6-20D.

Features: There is no need to wear a separate pipe when laying; it has good anti-rat, anti-ant, and anti-radiation functions, which can ensure the stability, long life and durability of the cable. Low working temperature, small line loss, strong overload resistance, long service life, high safety, especially suitable for applications in projects with environmental protection requirements; explosion-proof (highly compacted insulating materials in cables and cables installed with special sealing sleeves) The terminal can prevent steam, gas and flame from entering the electrical equipment connected to the cable, so it is suitable for the connection of various explosion-proof equipment and equipment in places with danger of explosion.)

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