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Characteristics and precautions of mineral fireproof cable

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With the continuous development of modern buildings, the requirements for the electrical equipment used in buildings are getting higher and higher.

With the continuous development of modern buildings, the requirements for the electrical equipment used in buildings are getting higher and higher. When we use the cable, we will choose the mineral fireproof cable with more advantages. It is a copper core copper sheathed cable with mineral material magnesium oxide powder as insulation, and it is mainly composed of copper conductor, magnesium oxide and copper sheath. Inorganic material composition. The following are its characteristics and precautions.

Mineral fireproof cables are favored by everyone because they have many advantages when they are used. And it has the basic characteristics of fire resistance, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance and mechanical damage resistance. Of course, in addition to these for everyone. It has the characteristics of large current carrying and long life, so it has already become more and more widely used in modern large buildings and first- and second-class buildings. Therefore, mineral fireproof cables are mainly suitable for power supply lines such as fire power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, and emergency lighting power supplies. And when you use it, you must also know that this kind of cable will not burn, nor will it support combustion, and it can continue to operate under conditions close to the flame. Its copper sheath melts at 1083°C, while the magnesium oxide insulation solidifies at 2800°C. However, in an emergency, the cable can continue to operate at temperatures close to the melting point of the copper sheath for a short period of time.

The inorganic materials used in mineral fireproof cables can ensure the stability, long life and fire resistance of the cables. Moreover, the mineral fireproof cable has medium and high compaction insulation material in it during production, so it can completely prevent steam, gas and flame from passing between the equipment parts connected by the cable. And the diameter is smaller than other cables with the same current rating. Also has good water resistance. With its seamless metal jacket, the mineral cable can continue to operate if it is fully immersed in water. It should be noted that the "cable laying direction diagram" should be drawn according to the design drawings before construction, and the number, specification, length, direction, position of the intermediate connector and the distance between other pipes and other pipes must be carefully checked. In addition, the laying should be carried out on a special cable pay-off rack. When removing the package, you must be extra careful, and do not let the knife cut through the packaging layer, so as not to damage the copper sheath.


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